Kristi takes hard-won commercial and organisational experience, adds radically open coaching methods—and taps human potential.

Professional mastery springs from personal capacity—growth in both areas is deeply linked. So working on behaviour is never enough—beliefs and consciousness are the territory of transformation, re-shaping careers and lives.

Kristi listens to your needs, collaboratively shapes a process of individual sessions, then guides you through a journey that’s unique to you—with stages of change that unleash your leadership capacity.


Goal setting and getting present

You’re the conductor, architect and judge in your mind—you leave old models behind and establish fresh lines of sight.

“Kristi’s holistic approach revealed a deep confidence in myself I didn’t know existed.” CLIENT, HEAD OF STRATEGY & DEVELOPMENT


Learning and letting go

As old paradigms fade, your instinct and intuition come back online—your actions naturally matching your deeper senses.


Creating and collaborating

The less you’re caught up in fear and inner conflict, the more you inspire strength and confidence—you create change collaboratively.

“Exposed and put to rest—Kristi helped free me from limiting thought patterns.” CLIENT, CEO


New waves of leadership

Open possibility is now your natural zone and you’re finely tuned to growth and opportunity—you influence others with your very presence.


Evolution takes shape

You’re in effortless flow as a leader, whatever the circumstances—you adjust your leadership style nimbly and to constant positive effect.

“Kristi’s coaching evolved my perception of myself, what I want from my career and what I have to offer.” CLIENT, EXECUTIVE GENERAL MANAGER


Only the limits you choose

Truly free from old patterns and fears, generous in working relationships—you draw clarity from challenge and chaos.