coaching offer

Unconditional self-worth means you are always “enough”. Kristi shows you how your true value is not conditional on having to do or achieve something. You then have the courage to grow your leadership by detaching your self-worth from the outcome.

individual coaching

One-on-one, tailored and uncapped executive coaching with Kristi Russell. Choose the option that suits you or chat to Kristi about the ideal timeframe to define and achieve your goals.

Sessions & Timing

  • Individual Coaching can occur over several time periods.
  • Coaching sessions are booked weekly or fortnightly over 3, 6 or 12 months—depending on desired goals and outcomes.
  • Coaching sessions are held in the comfort of your own environment via Zoom with the option of face-to-face sessions as agreed.

team member coaching

Tailored, one-on-one and uncapped executive coaching sessions with Kristi Russell for individuals within a team context. Kristi’s individual coaching model helps your team members function in a more impactful, influential and productive way. This coaching program has been designed to specifically investigate and work on the individual’s impact and influence within the team.

Sessions & Timing

  • Team Member Coaching is completed within a 3 month time period.
  • Coaching sessions are held via Zoom with the option of face-to-face sessions as agreed.
  • Coaching sessions are booked weekly or fortnightly.
  • Team members may choose further Individual Coaching upon completion.

intensive coaching

Intensive Coaching provides sharp and deeply focused sessions to address more urgent work and leadership challenges. Kristi works with you in an accelerated way to understand your motivations, along with the impact your Enneagram Personality Profile has on current and often recurring challenges. The outcome is accelerated changes in behaviour to achieve new and positive results.

Sessions & Timing

  • Intensive Coaching takes place over 6 weeks.  
  • Weekly 1 hour sessions via Zoom with option of face-to-face as agreed.
  • Option to move to Individual Coaching upon completion.